Back in the saddle!!

It has been a long run to get my book, audio and StraightenUP campaign launched on Indiegogo. Have been so very busy. In the middle of it all, I re-located to Hendersonville, North Carolina. All is well and I am glad to be settled and following through with my StraightenUP project. I am proud of it, and hope others see the importance.
The book and audio can be checked out in many places. First go to the following link and view the campaign on Indiegogo. It is worth it. Just by viewing, I am told that one is inclined to improve their posture.
The world looks better from a better posture, so check it out. BTW some fine perks too.Thank you

StraightenUP Audio Guide

Hi everyone,

After lots of work I can finally reveal what has taken me away from blogging for so long: The StraightenUP Audio Guide! This is a moment to moment guide of each day of the StraightenUP 9 week program narrated by yours truly. This set of 4 CDs can be used with the StraightenUP book or on its own. Each day I will talk you through the series of movements that takes no more than 25 minutes. At the end of the 9 weeks you will develop a new awareness of your body, your posture, and well being. The audio guide is available for digital download on, Amazon, and iTunes for $34.95. You can also purchase a physical copy on or through paypal using the button below for $59.99.

I hope you all enjoy and I will be back to posting regularly soon!


The StraightenUP introduction video is  on youtube and of course on my  The 9 week program s now completed on audio and will be ready for distribition in a couple of week. Please stand by for the announcemenet of it’s availability.

You will be thrilled with your new posture and the way you use your body… all the time, not just when you go to the gym or participate in whatever exercise program you enjoy. This is yours for keeps after you complete the 9 week program.

Please check it out Comments are appreciated. Thanks…. and stay tuned.

Namaste,  Lorie

I’m back!

It has been a while since I blogged. That is because I have been, and still am recording Straighten UP.How great to be able to just listen to me guide you through the 9 weeks that will enlighten you to the “Powerful Effects of Posture Consciousness.  Keep an eye out…oh yes, and an ear too.

Straighten Up will be offering workshops for Yoga Teachers, coming up soon. The workshops will reveal the perfect teachers to share my vision.

I just had a milestone birthday. I am so happy to have made it this far on my journey, in a state of good health.  More important, I have the passion and fortitude to pursue my mission.  How lucky am I? “God is Good”.

What the heck s happening in our country. Every day it is another bizarre crime. Honestly, I don’t recognize the USA.  Too much negativity much to my surprise, since twenty five years ago I thought spirituality would grow among us. How wrong i was.  Seems like it is less prevalent.Oh well, we can just pray for peace and try to bring good energy to all that we do and all that we touch. Maybe a miracle will save us. Peace… Love. Lorie





Some night time thoughts…

Mother Nature has been keeping our eyes on her this winter. I just love the fury of Mother Nature, when the wind blows and the snow falls.  The beauty of it, in all its simplicity.  A free show, if you will. As cold as it is, I think I would miss the seasons if I relocated to a warmer climate. But then I think how much easier it would be not to have to wear so many layers of clothes…so heavy, so limiting our natural movements. Who knows what’s in store for the future.  I am the type of person that believes that this journey has a life of its own. I am along for the ride, not knowing where I will end up. That is what is the most interesting thing..that we don’t know. For now I am here and that ain’t bad.  How lucky I am.

Peace and goodnight.                                                                                                                                                         Swami Mommy  a.k.a. Lorie






Finally had the time to thoroughly read all your comments.  I must say I was blown away by all those beautiful remarks about my writings. I am also pleased that so many of you, if not all, were so interested in my topic “StraightenUP”, and how iimportant it is.

Many of you say you are “inspired” and all that good stuff.  Thank you all so very much.

Now, if you’re wondering why I headed this blog “SURPRISE’, let me say that with  so much interest in the ideas in my blog about good posture, I cannot understand why so many of you still have not ordered your copy of the book, STRAIGHTENUP.  It is a must have,  and makes a great gift for the holidays. Order from or Amazon and do it soon.  You will love it!!!

So many of you have written from all parts of the world. I have not written lately and sometimes I think it is because although you all seem to get what I am trying to convey, it disappoints me when you don’t want to reach out for more. I can blog from time to time but my book will give you the whole recipe to improve yourself from the inside out.

Have a great holiday, and enjoy the simple things.

Much love,


More and more press?

Yes, there is more press about how folks are hurting themselves doing what they think is getting them in good shape and form. Yoga, Pilates, sports, including all kind of workout styles. can be detrimental to the body if there is no awareness to basic postural intelligence. Training our body to own this information is vital to the way our body ages.

StraightenUP is so helpful for all…. young and mature people as well as everyone else.


Why We Practice Yoga

When I first began to practice Yoga, my teacher said that in about a year I would see a difference in myself, and indeed I did. I was more relaxed, more aware, more present, patient, etc…I like to describe Yoga as not a What, but a How. An approach to life, a philosophy, a way of living life, a study of energy. What could be more interesting than understanding yourself, how your body works, how your mind works, and how to control your body and mind and ultimately know yourself better. Practicing takes you into subtle unconscious stress patterns, not only in the Physical body but the mental and emotional body as well. We can get in touch with the extraordinary powers of our intuition, inspiration, our health and abundance. We an re-shape our whole life.

Meditation by Yogi Desai and Some Great News!

Love requires continuos practice, and the best place to begin practicing is on yourself. When you acquire the art of loving yourself, you naturally love others as well. Many people beat themselves up psychologically day and night. They use the weapons of tension, anxiety,guilt, and fear. Such self hatred does not allow you to love others. If you are in love with yourself, you hate no one.

-Yogi Amrit Desai

Now for the good news:

StraightenUP/yoga classes have gone global! Thanks to Skype I am proud to say I can now offer long distance instruction! To make an appointment, or simply for more information feel free leave a comment or shoot us an email!



Spring is here!

Spring is here. New beginnings are here… What are yours?   Maybe a birth?  A birth of a new body?  Yes, your body. With my new book, StraightenUP you can improve your appearance without dieting.  Sound good? Get a copy for starters.  There is a CD and an mp3 in production.

If you would like, take some instruction directly from me if you live in the area. I can be contacted on my website.  All links are on this blog. Looking forward to helping you transform… simply and easily, in just 9 weeks  Check it out.

With love,